Sexual Orientation and
Gender Identity Nursing

The SOGI Nursing Website is a Toolkit for Nurses and Nursing Educators committed

to providing resources and education around 2SLGBTQ+ issues in health care.

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Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Nursing


This toolkit consists of five lessons including four Virtual Simulation Games (VSG), of varying lengths, in a variety of settings (i.e. emergency department to community care), and across a range of professional expertise (senior nursing students to nurse practitioners).

Consider your biases

Lesson 1


In this first section of the toolkit we will be exploring biases that you may currently have.

Wolfgang's Story

Lesson 2


Wolfgang, an older gay man living alone, arrives at the health clinic experiencing weight loss and low mood.

Cody's Story

Lesson 3


Cody, a 16 year-old transgender you, presents to the Emergency Dept. with feelings of acute anxiety.

Sarah's Story

Lesson 4


Sarah, a 19 year-old queer female, presents to an outpatient clinic in primary care for an intake appointment.

Connor's Story

Lesson 5


Connor, a 37 year-old transgender man, arrives at the clinic due to an extended cough and shortness of breath.

Mini Games

Additional Resources


Jessica, a 21-year old is scheduled for a virtual appointment with the Nurse Practitioner of the Family Health Team.

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